Thursday, 11 October 2018

Healthiest Schools Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? I know you are!

We have entered into .....

We have been sent a pedometer to track our daily steps and our class average will take our around the legs of our journey.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Cyber Safety Review

We need to have a little talk......

Our class rules are......
1. Keep personal details safe - passwords, address.....

2. Only on the Internet for learning - as directed by the teacher. 

3. Have a STRONG password. 

4. Tell an adult if you see something 'bad'.

5. STOP,  think.... is it kind before you SEND?

Our new passwords will include....
Eight characters
Lower case
One punctuation mark

Remember.... passwords must be....

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Stamina picture starters...

Powell's Road Waterway Project

Check it out - Fonterra and the farmers want to work together!

We have been asked to be part of the re-generation of the Powells Road waterway. Read all about it on this link and in this article. 



We would need five teams of data collectors who would work as a team to develop a proposal and presentation for the Council. They would then lead the rest of the class in our action during Term 4. You would need to be good team workers and be able to lead the rest of the class. You would need to prepare the presentation and so would focus on this during writing and inquiry for the remainder of the term.

Who is UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? (Not Kapa Haka people as it clashes)

Team 1: Digging the angles of the stream.
1. Rylan
2. Max W
3. Deklyn
4. Ryan  
5. Maddy 

Team 2: Checking on stream habitat.
1. Liam
2. Heidi 
3. Nate
4. Eliot 
5. Sam

Team 3: Planting around the banks of the stream.
1. Toby
2. Fletcher
3. Thomas
4. William
5. Thomas

Team 4: Stream invertebrates - what lives in there!
1. Frida
2. Rohan
3. Sammy
4. Ben 
5. Brody

Our Questions and thinkings......
Trial - will it work so other areas can use it.
Purpose - fix the habitat so our creatures will flourish - mahinga kai.
It was dug in the 1800 to drain the swamps but is now an important habitat.

no shade, weeds grow and sediment blocks the drain.
Contamination from the farm into the waterway and lake.

Our plan...... proposal for DOC
What are the causes and consequences in our area?
What action can we take and what will be the consequences?

Set up a scale model.... decide on the scale.

Each group plan the things that need to be done for them... on the small copy of the river.
Share with the team & overlay on our large copy.