Cyber Citizen

What is a digital citizen?

Tell me three or four things a Digital Citizen would care about:

1. Safety - not share your details or password!

2. True and accurate - make your work the best it can be.

3. Don't steal - use CCSEARCH & acknowledge.

4. Be kind - don't bully.

Personal Safety Rules:  
What are the rules for Internet personal Information?
1. First name only, initial if needed.  Allana T
2. No address or phone number
3. Never plan to meet someone from the Internet
4. Keep passwords secret and safe
5. If you are worried - tell!
Hector's World

Think before you post - digital footprint:
This blog is not a private place. Everything posted on here can be seen by the WHOLE world! Watch this short clip to see what you think might be the message we can learn about our safety on-line.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Show Respect: THINK
Before you press POST - ask yourself - would my Granny like to see this?

Acknowledge Sources:
Use this website to help you find images, music and video that you already have permission to use.

Click on the blog link to Are You Stealing That? to find out how to acknowledge your sources.

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